Through a multidisciplinary team, engineers in charge of business, MC PROD ensures within its premises the realization of your projects from the phase of analysis of the need until their implementation.
The preliminary project, study, sizing and validation phases are carried out by our employees, thus guaranteeing you flawless communication and total control of progress.
Our CAD and simulation solutions allow us to solve complex problems


Our product engineering services cover the full spectrum, from 3d, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic design to industrial design, product benchmarking and value engineering.
In addition to assisting customers with new product development initiatives, we partner with them to redesign their products to meet market demands for cost, functionality, and performance.

With a strong portfolio of service offerings, a diverse talent team and a technology-driven approach, we help customers realize value at every stage of product design and development to maximize their return on innovation.

Our services

  • CAD Services :

Computer Aided Design. MCPROD can realize the unscripted design of the plan and in three dimensions of the object.

  • CAM Services :

computer aided manufacturing
from product design to processing and manufacturing, MCPROD provides NC programming, calculation of working hour quotas, formulation of production plans, formulation of resource request plans

  • Reverse Engineering Services:

reverse engineered product design is the process of reverse deriving product design data (including design drawings or digital models) based on an existing product model, MC PROD has taken the techniques to duplicate , modify or repair existing products

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